Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question of the Day

Thanks to YubaNet for "veepwannabe".

The gasbags talk about Rubio in terms of his appeal to Hispanic voters.

Here's my question:

There are lots of Mexicans out west, and lots of Puerto Ricans back east. There's a little bloc of Cubans in southeast Florida. Do the east coast and west coast (and just about every place else these days) Hispanics think of the Cubans as being the same sort of people they themselves are or are the Repugs pissin' up a rope by lumping them all together as one voting bloc?

The difference, to me, is that the Cubans came here as political refugees and are known to vote the wrong way because they don't like Castro, and the others came here largely as economic refugees and vote Dem because the Repugs dump on them.

Shorter: Do Messkins and Boricuas identify with Cubans or do they consider Cubanos as Hispanic cultural outliers and an obvious and transparent desperate attempt by Repugs to get their vote if they nominate Rubio which I don't think is going to happen anyway?

I'm down wid the latter but I'm askin' what you think.


CAFKIA said...

In my admittedly limited experience/knowledge, individuals of Mexican and/or Central American ancestry, as well as Puerto Ricans, are not huge fans of U.S. Cubans especially, the more right-wing Cubans. For that reason, I am dubious of the advantage that adding Rubio to the Romney ticket will bring. As a matter of fact, I would expect it to energize the Puerto Ricans to vote AGAINST the republican ticket. However, I am quite willing to consider the reasoned opinions of others on this issue. What say y'all?

I posted this to my Google+ pagea couple of days ago. So far no one has weighed in. If Rubio gets closer to being the boy, I will probably go to FB with it but either way I think I am right, the 'Ricans and Messicans will be more likely to actually get out and vote Dem with a Cubano on the reich-ticket.

Gordon said...

CAFKIA, you're being modest. You are obviously a man of superior intellect since you agree with me!:-)

sbgypsy said...

I have no knowledge except what I read on the web, but the polls say Rubio doesn't even help old Mittster in Florida, never mind any other hispanic population.

His is the nomination created only in the fever dreams of the party oldtimers who don't want the teabaggers to be in charge any more.