Monday, April 9, 2012

Heh ...

Too bad he spawned such an asshole kid.

Pic via our pal wkmaier's FB page.

Back to the deck ...

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Anonymous said...

[Slightly off-color]

The cartoon reminds me of a "Redneck Magazine" I picked up once for light reading on a vacation. It was mostly humorous with an occasional "The South Shall Rise" sentiment thrown in. On the humorous side, for example, they had an article about a motorcyclist get-together with pictures from various competitions such as "How Slowly Can You Ride?", etc.

Anyway, there was a sidebar article about the inventor, I'll call him H-D, of Harley-Davidsons (Harley or one of the 3 Davidsons?) going to Heaven and sitting down with God to compare their respective inventions (women in God's case). For every feature that H-D came up with, God just moped in silence. H-D finished up with a smug look on his face. God sat downcast for a moment and then brightened up: "Yes, but more men have ridden my invention than yours!"