Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like, Duh Headline of the Day

Politico Reporter Admits The Press Is Covering For Republican Obstructionism

And this tidbit from Seniors for a Democratic Society Facebook page via The Pragmatic Progressive Page:

"The reason conservative bleating about bias is so effective is that many journalists feel a certain consciousness of 'guilt,' a buy-in to the notion that the media really might have a 'liberal bias.'

"The defect in this thinking is that liberalism, in the classic sense, is an absence of bias, whereas conservatism is necessarily biased, is, by definition, a narrowing of thought. A Democrat can favor a tax cut if it’s what’s best for the country, or a tax increase if it’s best for the country. A conservative can only do one of those things. A Democrat can (and most do) personally oppose abortions, and try to reduce the number of abortions through education and access to contraception, or by supporting legislation that restricts abortion access. A Conservative can only do one of those things.

"The press needs to realize that when conservatives whine about 'liberal bias,' what they’re really complaining about is an absence of conservative bias (my em - G). Until they do, things like the plainly obvious GOP sabotage of the economy will continue unchecked."

Besides, it's very hard, even for professional gasbags journalists to tell the truth about the Repugs when their paychecks depend on their not doing so.

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Fixer said...

No shit, If one of the gasbags ever told the truth they'd be run off the Georgetown Cocktail Circuit in seconds. Then they'd have to slum with the regular folks.