Saturday, June 16, 2012

Republican Jesus ...

Stolen from the Americans Against The Tea Party FB page.


Gordon said...

He's pretty light-complected for a desert Jew too.

Fixer said...

Don'tcha know, Republican Jesus was American.

David Aquarius said...

Which tribe?

Constant Vigil said...

They must be reading from the lost Gospel of Socialus the Caring:
(1) And Jesus saith until them: "Behold, after thou hast given of thy substance to thy brother in need, go thou then also unto thy neighbors' house and put thy sword to thy neighbor's throat taking liberally of his substance also. And I say unto thee, if he resisteth thee, cast him in prison to the fullest extent. And see to that though plunderest not only the wealthy, but also they that labor, for from the laborer will come the spoils."
(2) Then Jesus called forth a little child and sat him on his knee, saying: "But behold this is not all, for after thou hast forcibly taken of thy neighbor's substance against his will, see that thou rememberest also to take thy neighbors child to the money changers and indenture this child unto the slavers, that thou mayest borrow money though desirest this day against the child's future labors."
(3) Finally Jesus saith: "Now, after thou hast done all these things, see to that thou sendest these plunderings to the corrupt and wasteful official. Take comfort in thy heart for thy godly robberies and slavings, knowing that that thou ensurest not only that thy brother in need recieveth of the forced bounties from thy sword, but also that thou mayest provide for the deceiver, and the partaking by he who worketh not, but couldst - that they mayest be rewarded also for their lack of labors".
(4) "And behold go then to thy home and call thyself blessed."

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