Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"One Hitters", er, smoke STOTUS!

WaPo, links at site.

Anyone notice a cloud hanging over the Mall last week? That might have been the White House softball team getting absolutely smoked by the team fielded by the marijuana lobby.

The One Hitters, the team of pro-pot activists, beat STOTUS (the Softball Team of the U.S.) 25-3.

Marijuana doesn’t seem to dampen athletic prowess (which we already knew — hello, Michael Phelps!). Still, the victors were gracious about the rout. “The One Hitters enjoyed slugging it out with the White House,” said Aaron Houston, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the group that sponsors the team. “Hopefully we can play them again when they aren’t totally absorbed in work.”

We almost missed the pun hidden there. Hint: David Maraniss’s latest book revealed that President Obama’s high-school pot smoking philosophy included “total absorption” of the precious weed.

Heh. The only game I can play when "totally absorbed" is trying to get the Twinkie package open. I usually fail and just eat the whole thing. Cardboard, cellophane, Twinkies, mox nix. The munchies couldn't care less.


Fixer said...

Cardboard, cellophane, Twinkies, mox nix.

So I'm assuming you're getting enough fiber in your diet? Heh ...

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sbgypsy said...

Can you even tell the difference? (between the twinkie and the cardboard.. heh heh)

Gordon said...

sbgypsy, that would be the "mox nix" part. :-)