Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get some, Rude!

Good read!

The Real Reason Mitt Romney Is Losing and Will Lose

Last ¶:

No, this isn't the most sophisticated analysis. But why bother when the conclusion is so obvious? The fact is that most of you reading this, on the left or right, are coming up with another dozen ways that demonstrate Romney is an unbelievable putz. If nothing else, Romney's pricktastic ego and endless supply of money will make the next few months amusing, as he degrades himself and his party further and further with such unsubtle, obvious lies that at some point the word "liar" sticks even more than "dick."

The Repug establishment, by which I mean the money boys, ran Willard because they control who runs, not the primaries, and he was the least worst candidate compared to the TeaTards. They never liked him and they knew from the gate that he'd lose, mostly because despite their lies it's clear that Obama was doing a fair job in the face of everything they've been able to throw at him. Also, Romney's just basically an unlikeable arrogant privileged jerk like Bush but they didn't have anyone else show up to run that was any better so they were kinda stuck with him. It was a good way for them to get him out of their hair and out of politics so they can work on finding a less-than-TeaTard to run in '16.

Note to the Repugs: better to work on '24. There's still Hillary. :-)


Anonymous said...

What makes you think the "Republican Base" Ie rich "dudes" who actually have a say want to win, they are getting a lot of what they want with Obama in office

Gordon said...

I think "getting what they want" from Obama kinda pisses 'em off. Look at how many of their own ideas they flip-flopped on because he implemented them, or tried to. They want to run the joint.

They don't think anybody but them should be - nay, make that has the right to be - in charge, and most certainly not a Negro.