Monday, August 6, 2012

Deuddersun's ride

Here's our pal deuddersun's first video with his new Pivothead recording glasses. Very good for the first time out. What I noticed was BRICKS! Tons and tons of BRICKS! We don't do bricks out west here except for chimneys, and those that do replace them with something else after even a small earthquake. After picking up all the bricks off the ground. Also, he lives in a very pretty area.

I've got the Active-i video glasses. I think d's are better. I haven't done any riding vids other than this one because they wouldn't fit under my helmet until I got the Bell Shorty. D has inspired me!

Ok, so I have a lot to learn. Since the camera is located between my eyes, what you see is what I am looking at. I will have to learn to keep my head somewhat still or make smoother moves. It looks like I am about to crash at any moment and I can assure you, that is far from the truth. Also, I need to do something about wind noise. I think a small piece of scotch tape over the microphone may do the trick. It should cut out the wind while still allowing the mic to pick up engines sounds and my voice. I'm going to have to do a little experimentation to get it right, so please bear with me. Thanks!

Thanks to deuddersun.

Ya done good, pal!


deuddersun said...

Heh heh, thanks Brother! Working on that wind noise...


Gordon said...

Perhaps a band-aid over the mic?

I got a lotta wind noise with my h'bar-mounted vidcam too. I solved this by making music videos out of 'em.

deuddersun said...

I just watched your video. Nice ride, felt like I was the one riding the bike. Very little wind noise too. I'd be interested in seeing something from the highway, maybe on that Royal Enfield ya got sitting in the garage!


yerlilbrudder said...

Don't they put foam covers over mics to get rid of wind noise? Can't one of your stage buddys figure something out. Band aid might not be a bad idea.

Great vid, even with the noise

Gordon said...

A Royal Enfield eyeglass vid is in the planning stage. I ride it every day anyway, might as well share. :-)

Gordon said...

very little wind noise

Not much wind going that slow!

Fixer said...

Ya done good, pal!

No, shit. Good going, D!

Anonymous said...

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