Friday, August 10, 2012

Daddy Frank on the National Circus: Harry Reid Is No Joe McCarthy

Me'n Fixer's Daddy sounds off. Many links, a trick earned by me at Daddy's knee. Or some other joint.

How likely is it that Reid's gambit is going to pay off for the Democrats?
It already is. According to the latest Times swing-state poll, about half the voters already believe that Romney must release more tax returns. The longer Romney refuses, and the more he and his surrogates whine about Reid, the longer the issue stays center stage and the more that poll number is likely to go up. And Republicans know it too — Reid seems to be driving them insane. On ABC’s This Week last Sunday, Ann Coulter was so desperate to rationalize Romney’s failure to release his tax returns that she compared him favorably to Bill Clinton, whose refusal (in 1992) to release his medical records, she said, might have been an attempt to cover up drug addiction. With Romney defenders like Coulter, the Democrats can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Fuckin' A! Mas popcorn! Extra butter!

Other good stuff in the article as well.

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