Monday, October 1, 2012

Netanyahu blinked

This Can't Be Happening

Israel is not Calling the Shots in this US Election
Ol' Bibi tried, but...

Netanyahu blinked.

That’s the takeaway from the goofy address (complete with Spy vs. Spy-style cartoon bomb held up to the audience) by the right-wing, Cheltenham, PA-raised, MIT-educated Israeli prime minister to the United Nations General Assembly Thursday.

Prior to that address, Netanyahu had been virtually campaigning for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, hinting repeatedly on US television interviews of a pre-election attack by Israel on Iran’s nuclear fuel-making facilities, criticizing incumbent US President Barack Obama, and demanding that Obama and the US draw a “red line” on how far Iran could go in refining nuclear fuel before it would be considered essential for the US to join Israel in destroying Iran’s military infrastructure.

It was the most blatant attempt by a foreign leader to interfere in a US election in memory, but it was a bust.
I have no idea what Hillary whispered in his ear but I bet it made everything shrivel up. Heh. Maybe something like, "You wanta start a war with Iran to get Willard elected? Go right the fuck ahead. We'll send FEMA in a year or so to help the Arabs clean up Israel so it's livable". That "clunk" heard 'round the world was Bibi's nutsack hitting his tonsils.

Analysts are now suggesting that Netanyahu has backed off or been called off, even complimenting President Obama and giving him a valentine -- an endorsement before election day of sorts--saying in his UN address, “I very much appreciate the president’s position, as does everyone in my country.”
A valentine, huh? I suppose a blow job was outta the question...

Go read. here's a teaser:

With Obama’s re-election looking increasingly likely, and with even a Democratic recapture of the House of Representatives looking at least possible, there is a chance that AIPAC will finally be defanged. [...] Similarly, if Obama and the Democrats discover that despite refusing to cave in to Israeli demands or AIPAC threats, they can still be elected, while those favored by AIPAC and Israeli leaders like Netanyahu go down to defeat, AIPAC will no longer be able to intimidate US political figures in the future.
With friends like AIPAC and the neocons, who needs enemies?

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