Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Netanyahu Says He'll Seek Broad Coalition to Govern
Drawing from leaders of both the right and the far right.
Note to Bibi: Using our House of Representatives as a model only works when the Southerners aren't shooting at you.

Republicans Trying to Rebrand Party
As young, forward thinking, ethnically diverse obstructionists.
Instead of old, backward thinking, racist obstructionists they are now? Less grey hair and liver spots is the only difference I can see.

Poll: Fox News Credibility Suffers Sharp Drop
Fox blames Obama, mainstream media, Satan.
Heh. Introspection isn't their strong suit.

Of interest to Fixer perhaps:

Probe Finds 680 European Soccer Matches Fixed
But the fights in the stands were real.
That sport'll soar in popularity when they figure out how to fix those. Heh.

Many more good ones today.

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Jimbo said...

What about B-16? Nothing about Papa Benny?