Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Texas Rep Stomps Repugs' Pecker

Ted Nugent’s SOTU Invite Is The Best News Gun Control Advocates Have Heard All Week
If you say so...

So much for shedding the 'stupid party' label

For the record, I don't much care about Nugent's ridiculous antics. He's obviously a fringe extremist who uses vile language; he hasn't had a hit since the '70s; and he's generally better left ignored.

But Nugent has also gone after President Obama with rhetoric that was violent enough to get the attention of the Secret Service. Try to imagine the political world's reaction if a washed-up entertainer targeted a Republican president with violent rhetoric, and then a Democratic member of Congress invited him as a special guest to attend the State of the Union.
The whiny bastards'd have a fuckin' cow and piss all over themselves as victims of the mean-ass bully godless commie liberals. Heh.

As the Stockman/Nugent story reminds us, the problem isn't that Republicans have some "cranks, haters, and bigots"; the problem is that Republicans are a radicalized party in which "cranks, haters, and bigots" routinely dominate.

This is America. Nugent is entitled to his opinion and can spew any right-wing garbage he wants to at any volume he can manage short of an actual threat. By the same token, I can think of that washed-up has-been never-was as a drawers-crappin' chickenhawk punk that I'd dearly love to deck. That's not a threat. It's an offer. Any time, any place, asshole. I would like nothing better than for him to have to explain to his wingnut buddies that he got all those lumps and bumps and bruises when a pussy liberal kicked his ass.

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