Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Godless liberal commie fuck Rivera gets mic cut off by just-plain-fuck Ailes.

Raw Story

A new report says that Fox News President Roger Ailes ordered the Fox News control room to cut host Geraldo Rivera’s mic just two days before November’s election because he was defending President Barack Obama against the network’s “misinformation” about terrorist attacks in Benghazi.
Well, whaddya expect? There's a party line that must not be crossed, even by the famously liberal godless commie fuck Rivera (choke). They oughta change their name to FOXRepugProp. Yeesh.

And, oh yeah, how did trying to change the election work out for ya, Ailes? Heh. Asshole.


Ghoulardi said...

This was just to rich to fact check. Everyone involved says Rivera's mic was never cut off...except Alter, the guy that wasn't there.

Gordon said...

Well, you know how they lie.