Friday, May 10, 2013

Rep. Issa (Bully, Loser - CA)

Article at Salon on Darrell Issa, former car thief and presently, and shamefully, congressman from my state in charge of the Benghazi keep-Hillary-from-becoming-President failed witch hunt. We have several despicable Repug congressman from California. He's the worst one.

This ¶ sums the article up pretty well:

Observing him, it quickly became clear that, like all bullies, Issa is not prepared to fight. He counts on his opponents to back down. His M.O. is to make outrageous, unsubstantiated claims, follow them with a lot of bluster, and then quietly fold at the first sign of being challenged. And here’s his “tell”: The more bombastic he is, the more he hungrily seeks out the cameras, the more he promises “explosive revelations,” the less he actually has. Bullies don’t win fights; they win defaults. Push back just the tiniest bit, and it’s all over.

Just another Repug I'd like to punch.

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Ghoulardi said...

Just one big Ad-Hominem attack because the testimony on Benghazi was so powerful. Fine, you don't like Issa...pretend Cummings asked Hicks et al the questions and got the same answers. Would you attack him?