Friday, July 19, 2013

Texas wimmens is pissed off

Another pissed-off Texas woman weighs in on Goodhair And The Lege at Rude Pundit and tears 'em a new one.

Texas Senator Hegar — I hope you are RIGHT and there is a God and a Heaven and a Hell.

I hope that you are right because that means you will burn in hell.

I can think of no more fitting price to pay for your mean, hypocritical behavior in the State Capitol this past few weeks. That Christian god whose ass you lick so diligently has a huge reputation for charity, and you displayed NONE regarding the omnibus abortion legislation. When you find yourself assigned to hell, along with Governor Perry and the rest of your conservative cohorts, I think you will discover that this battlefield you paraded around so self-righteously here on earth set you all up for eternal damnation.

I cannot find the words for my rage.

If men got pregnant, this sort of legislation would never, ever, be considered.

If ANY of you elected pricks and thin-lipped bitches think abortion hasn’t been the option of choice for women you love (your MOTHERS, your DAUGHTERS, your SISTERS, and your WIVES)…think again. I’ve been to those clinics and there were plenty of affluent, white, Christian, gals in there that were YOUR family members. I don’t blame them for not telling you, you are certifiable ASSHOLES and no one would trust you with such a personal and painful choice. I do blame YOU for thinking you know what’s best and trying to deny women in Texas access to choice.

Make no mistake—this is a war on abortion by 117 elected officials (plus Perry and Dewhurst, the worst of the lot) from a state with more than 26 million residents.

This is war.
And I aim to fight.

I have miscarried after the first trimester and that bloody mess was not a baby.

That fewer than 100 mealy-mouthed men and a dozen tightly wound, conservative bitches would vote to decide to limit my options to end a pregnancy is stunning.

The audacity.
The hypocrisy.
The rule-breaking, the cheating, the FRAUD from Republicans crowing about their moral high ground.
We should all be terrified that they do so publicly, proudly, and oblivious to what this means.
It means Rick Perry and his band of right-wing, like minded legislators think they can do whatever they want.
Pro-death penalty legislators promising to protect life.
Anti-gun control legislators worried about a safer community.
It would be funny if it were not so terrifying and sad.

I could write for years.
I will fight forever.
Wow. I think Goodhair and The Lege can consider their asses well and truly blistered. And rightly so.

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Zarathustra said...

Wake up women of Texas.... The only way to open the minds of the men in Texass............. is to declare, your legs are closed!