Monday, July 15, 2013

The Most Perfect Crime

A 'must read' by The Rude Pundit.

But the verdict in the case of George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, proves that everyone from Agatha Christie to James Patterson has been thinking small. The perfect crime is not just the one you get away with. The perfect crime is the one for which you are acquitted in a court of law. In fact, the most perfect crime of all is the one where, no matter what your true intent, the law supports and sanctions your right to murder in cold blood.

So he'll just say this: On that night last February, when he got out of his car, George Zimmerman became the judge and jury of Trayvon Martin, accused of the crime of being a black male teenager walking in a neighborhood. Zimmerman then became Martin's executioner because, like so many oppressed people before him, Martin resisted Zimmerman's judgment. So Zimmerman did what scared people in power do all the time. He used overwhelming force to stop Martin's resistance. It is the same kind of force that has killed people and movements in America and all over the world.

George Zimmerman wanted Trayvon Martin to submit to his power, to be what Zimmerman had adjudicated him to be. Trayvon Martin refused. Trayvon Martin resisted. And that's why Trayvon Martin, like so many resisters before him, had to be killed.

There was no way George Zimmerman was going to be found guilty because his guilt would have made Trayvon Martin innocent and said that the law was wrong. Even worse, it would have made Trayvon Martin, the black male teenager, right in his resistance, and the state of Florida, if not the entire nation, would not allow that to happen.
I have nothing to add.


WhyNot said...

Interesting. Why does the name George W Bush instantly spring to my mind?

Actually, Bush is one step ahead of the guy in your story: following the invasion of Iraq, he was unanimously pronounced guilty of mass murder (+ mass deception and other goodies) by the entire world - some 6 billion ppl +.

Yet, somehow, the repugnican cunt walks free and is fishing in his ranch in Texas.

USA really is the n°1 banana republic in the world.

Gordon said...

Not a #1 to be proud of.

bearsense said...

We may be #1, but it seems we're tryin' to move up in the rankings, eh ?

Gordon said...

Yeah, swell...

WhyNot said...


"We may be #1, but it seems we're tryin' to move up in the rankings, eh ?"

Lol. Now, lemme dig in my "advanced Fourier calculus memories"... what's before #1... ouch, I bet even Einstein can't work this one out, he'd prolly tell you it's the speed of light. As to Fourier, he'll tell you it's the imaginary n° "i" (the square root of "-1").

And while it may sound totally off the planet, Fourier's imaginary number is the very basis of all modern calculus.

In any case, I don't want you guys to think Americans are perceived by Europeans as the n°1 fascist cunts in the world. Hell, we Europeans (from which you guys are the descendants) invented racism and fascism long before you even dreamed of ejaculating while sucking on your mummy's titties.

Only thing is... we seem to at long fucking last have learned something from our horrific past mistakes; hell, we even gave up all of our worldwide colonies - mostly because them slave cunts decided they were sick and tired of being slaves and started chopping our lil heads off; can you believe the hide of those fucking ignorant rebel black slave cunts????

PS: Fourier might be spelled "Fourrier". Can't remember. He wasn't one of my ancestors, but my cat T-Rex is by far the smartest creature I ever encountered, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of his ancestors wasn't named Fourrier.

Hey, he can even piss and shit while squatting on all fours on the toilet seat! Howzat??? And, unlike me, he never leaves drops of piss on the seat. Surely, you gotta admit there ain't no creature smarter than this lil furry ball.