Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Come On, Zelda!

Will Durst nails it!

That's right, God took time from His/Her busy schedule of tempting potential sinners and answering the prayers of body-painted football fans to throw down a 7.1 temblor because we buy a higher percentage of the buttless chaps sold in this country. And all across the land, you heard muffled harrumphs of agreement from the faithful

Apparently God will not be satisfied until Katherine Harris is where she belongs: in prison for her crimes of stealing an election and the excessive use of hair products. And if not, repeat after me: Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane. Not to mention an endless series of shots of reporters in raincoats yelling at unseen cameramen tethered to concrete posts.

Durst has more balls than a bowling alley! PLEASE go read it. I left out the good parts so you would.

When we get to Gitmo, I'm gonna shake his hand! He's from Frisco, so I'll look at it first.

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