Monday, September 27, 2004


See, when I first started calling Bush & Co a bunch of Fascists and Nazis, everybody screamed that I was too 'out there'. Well, now the rational folks are seeing what I did then. I guess I have the benefit of my mom's stories of growing up in Nazi Germany to help me spot it earlier than most. See Xan at Corrente, the epitome of rational, and Lambert has more too.

This definition from Ornicus. If the foo shits . . .

"Fascism is a poisonous ideology that grows and adapts to its circumstances -- Eurofascism reflected European vices; American fascism is similarly home-brewed. Therein lies the challenge in identifying it and combating it. Fascism always wraps itself in the flag, always seeks absolute power, always brands opponents as traitors, always relies heavily on propaganda for dissemination of its ideas, always invokes subversive enemies (at home and abroad), always embraces militarism and permanent war, always favors politicizing of police functions (and expanding them and the surveillance state), always scorns intellectuals, artists, and bourgeois democratic values, always is hostile to leftist and labor movements, and is obsessed with idealized images of a mythic "better time" of the past (while at the same time destroying that past, and the nation as a whole).

Which just goes to prove that people don't read enough about history. Everybody should have spotted this when I did. Especially the folks of 'The Greatest Generation' many of whom are eager to follow Bush into Hell.

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