Sunday, September 26, 2004

How's your ass?

Betcha it's sore this morning and you don't know why. Here's why. The Republicans just gave it to you dry . . . again. Once more from Kos:

[. . .]

These lucky duckies who Tom DeLay and Trent Lott -- two men who never saw a millionaire's loophole they didn't fight to preserve -- saw fit to confiscate wages from? They're the millions of Americans who work full-time for minimum wage. $5.15 an hour. . .

[. . .]

So after taking away overtime pay from the people who relied on it to pay for school supplies, the Republicans this week went for the kill. They took away the one piece of tax relief aimed at America's working poor. They raised taxes on the janitors, orderlies, and food workers who make the nation run. The Republican Party raised taxes on the hardest-working Americans, and they didn't bat an eyelash.

That's today's Republican Party in a nutshell, summed up by their own terrible deeds in one terrible month. That's why we fight.

And the thing is, that a lot of those people whose tax burden just increased will vote for Bush this fall. I'll never get this faith-based voting. The non-millionaires who are Bush's base actually believe what this guy says. He, and the Repub Machine, have them so snowed. He says the things they want to hear concerning the 3Gs (Gays, God, and Guns) and uses the folks who can afford it least (and their progeny) to pay for it. He and his base of 'haves and have mores' are laughing all the way to the bank. Yeesh. As I say when I dole out my auto wisdom:

Listen to me, Lugnut. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee! Cut your losses and vote Democrat. You can't afford not to.

Along these same lines. From Bubba.

Update: 08:25:

Maybe I'm wrong. From NYT via The American Street:

In Ohio, the NY Times says GOP registration is up 25% this year.

[. . .]

Democratic registration there is up 250%.

[. . .]

Ohio has taken it hard and dry more than any other state under the Bush Administration. If they go Kerry, it could be the start of something wonderful.

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