Thursday, September 30, 2004

Get 'Em, Red!

Ariana has come a long way from being married to a rich Republican gay guy who couldn't buy his way into Congress. She's seen the light. Besides, she's a babe. She writes in "God, Country, And Perpetual Fear":
The latest dirty blows are a contemptible one-two combination with which Team Bush has portrayed John Kerry as both the enemy of God and, if not exactly the ally of al-Qaida, then at least the terrorists' candidate of choice. To hear them tell it, a vote for Kerry is a vote against God and Country. Talk about hitting way, way below the belt.

What's next, a photo of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi sporting a Kerry-Edwards campaign button?

This "terrorists for Kerry" routine is as laughable as it is loathsome. Why in the world would the terrorists want to get rid of George Bush? He is their dream president, after all: a man who has alienated our allies, isolated us and united the Muslim world against us.

What a load of gutless garbage. As Thomas Jefferson made clear, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." But Bush can't seem to grasp that this country is too strong to be endangered by the truth -- and that, indeed, hiding the truth, the hallmark of his administration, is what is making us weaker and less secure.

Besides going off on the Bushies about fear-mongering and low-life political tactics, she has quite a bit to say about their use of religion and the Bible. Go read the whole thing. Get 'em, Red!

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