Monday, January 22, 2007

The dog ate my homework ...

Didn't know excuses like this worked when you got older:

... This committee expected to be briefed on the long-awaited NIE [National Intelligence Estimate] by an official from the National Intelligence Council (NIC), which coordinates NIEs by gathering input from all of the nation's various intelligence agencies. But the NIC official turned up empty-handed and told the committee that the intelligence community hadn't been able to complete the NIE because of the many demands placed upon it by the Bush Administration to help prepare the new military strategy on Iraq...

I got a feeling that if we knew what was in the NIE, no one would me making the case for escalation, not even Holy Joe and St. John*. You can safely assume, once it comes out, things in Iraq and Afghanistan are even worse than we've been led to believe.

*Link via Atrios.

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