Thursday, January 25, 2007

Join the surge ...

Pensito Review:

Sign up! Sign up! Be part of the surge. Pres. Bush needs young Republicans to volunteer for service in Iraq. He especially needs the sons and daughters of members of his administration, his appointees and of Republican members of Congress to help him fight "the enemy" in Iraq.


Lose the Cheetos and finish the keg, lardass. Off momma's couch, drop the game controller, and head down to the recruiter's office. Move it! Move it!

I know a whole buncha guys who still have "W-'04" stickers on their F-150s and Tahoes who are young and able-bodied enough to help our guys out. You know who you are, the ones who go around saying we should 'kill all the ragheads'. The guys with the good union jobs who wouldn't give that up for $25-grand a year and a tent in the desert, though they can talk tough over a six-pack at lunch.

Talk is cheap. Our Army and Marine Corps are at the breaking point. 'Supporting' the troops with a yellow ribbon on your pickup just won't cut it anymore. At this point, put up or shut up.

And for all you wingnut bloggers who are 'fighting the war of ideas online', the Chimp's gonna do what he's gonna do and he doesn't need cheerleaders anymore - no one's listening to you anyway, nobody believes your horseshit anymore. Time for you to trade keyboard for rifle. We need sharpshooters more than bullshitters.

If you support this war and you're not prepared to go and 'kill some ragheads', shut the fuck up and let us figure out a way to end it, you spineless turds.

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