Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union Speeech - the Score Card

I couldn't resist. This is via Angry Black Bitch:

New way forward-way forward-
or any variation on the theme - 3 points

Al Qaeda - 2 points

Fight them there rather than here-or variations on that theme - 2 points

Nuclear in same sentence as Iran - 5 points

Provacative language as relates to Iran - 10 points

Terrorists when referring to insurgents - 2 points

War on terror when referring to Civil War - 3 points

Islamic Fascists-or variations on the theme - 4 points

Afghanistan in the same sentence as victory - 10 points

Afghanistan in the same sentence as "thriving heroin industry" - oh fuck it, what are the odds?

Axis of Evil (if he's dumb enough to go there again) - 100 points

Madame Speaker - Priceless

Full post including her hilarious checklist here

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