Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cheneys Evicted from Naval Observatory

From Red Tractor-USA 'The Best News in the Field'

In a rare governmental move, the self-made non-executive Vice President and his wife were summarily evicted from their government-supported residence at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC today.

When the presiding Admiral of the Observatory was asked about the Observatory's mission and its relation to the resident of the house, he said "leaving a non-executive branch person in charge of the transit of stars across the meridian during the night would be a definite national security threat. Therefore, we sadly had to evict Dick and Lynn. They were damn good tenants, too."

An additional unwanted event happened just this morning when the GAO ceased Cheney's use of the executive "undisclosed location" bunker. The only temporary home left to the Cheneys, who value their executive-like perks of the office, finds them doing sleepovers in Air Force 2. That lease expires tomorrow and Trump wants his plane back.

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