Wednesday, June 27, 2007

W. Learns From Students

MoDo explores what happens when you put a group of extremely intelligent students in the the same room as a dunce.

A group of high school Presidential Scholars visiting the White House on Monday surprised President Bush by slipping him a handwritten letter pleading with him not to let America become known for torture and urging him to stick to the Geneva Conventions with terror detainees.

The president reassured the teenagers that the United States does not torture. Then the vice president unleashed a pack of large dogs on the kids, running them off the White House lawn, before he shut down the Presidential Scholars program and abolished high schools.

Since it's rare that Mr. Bush ever sees groups that have not been prescreened to be nice to him, he made the mistake of opening the letter in front of the students and was surprised to learn that he has made many Americans ashamed by subverting values that the country has always held dear, like abiding by the Constitution and respecting human dignity.

I'm glad someone besides The Dick finally told him something he needed to know, not that it'll make any difference.

Ms. Dowd comments on Sen. Lugar's statements about Bush's War:

Dick Cheney, the president of the Senate, immediately expelled Mr. Lugar and appointed himself the new Senator from Indiana. It was a busy day of Constitutional shape-shifting for the vice president, who had earlier nominated and confirmed himself to the Supreme Court, so that he could roll back judicial decisions tempering his desire for torture galore, and then morphed back into his executive branch role to bar the door to the Oval Office sandbox and prevent Condi and Bob Gates from giving W. the plan he wanted to close down Gitmo.

Once his BFF Rummy was pushed out, Vice mentally absorbed the role of Defense Secretary into his own portfolio. He allows Mr. Gates - that pragmatic meddler from the skeptical world of Daddy Bush - to keep Rummy's chair warm, but the new Pentagon chief is certainly not included in the super-secret paper flow Vice created to always get his own way. And Mr. Cheney never acknowledges the power of any secretary of state, be it Colin or Condi. Diplomacy is for wimps.

Cheney needs to go. Now.

Note to Congress: There's a guy in California and a guy in New York who would just love you to send them to deal with The Dick. Results guaranteed.

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