Saturday, June 30, 2007

La la la la la, I can't hear you ...

Watching bits and pieces of Larry King Live while surfing around my 200 channels for something other than porn or infomercials before the local news comes on this morning. Michael Moore was on with him (I happen to like MM ... a lot). Larry opened up the phones to the idiots who watch him and a call from one of the idiots got me.

This guy had no insurance, was 60 years old, and basically told MM that he would rather have no insurance than socialized medicine. He also said the problem with MM is that he says bad things about America and if only he'd say good things, stuff would work out well for everyone.

So I gather there are a lot of Americans out there who feel the same way?

Listen to me. Life ain't pretty. Yes, life is beautiful but shit happens in the real world. The only way to improve things is to look at a situation squarely, honestly, and objectively and make decisions stemming from those observations.

Listening only to flowery rhetoric is equivalent to burying one's head in the sand. I think that's one of the major problems with this country, a goodly portion of our population would rather hear stuff they want to hear than stuff they need to hear.

That's why people would rather go bankrupt, rather die from inadequate care, or no care at all, than believe the system we have is broken. They'd rather believe all the crap from the corporate suits than admit the health care system we have in this country is a failure. I mean, this is America, the greatest nation in the world; what could we possibly learn from anyone else?

Certainly not from those 'Old World' Europeans. Certainly not from the Canadians. We do everything better and if only people like Michael Moore would say it, things would be just peachy.

I have a low tolerance for stupid and it seems we have a bumper crop of it in America. I'm sorry, but if you feel this health care system is good, you are a moron. If you believe this lassiez faire policy toward an industry that has the power of life and death over Americans is a good thing, you are stupid. As Moore said, you don't run a police or fire department on a for-profit basis, our health care system shouldn't be either.

This is just another mess brought to you by the American Republican Party. If you'll notice, all of the industries deregulated by Regan have turned into cash cows for their leadership while screwing their employees and the American people.

As long as there are idiots in this nation of the type who called in to Larry King, the Republicans and Big Business will screw us regularly with neither a kiss nor lubrication.

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