Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Dr. Dean,

Paradox asks Howard Dean for money:


One of the reasons liberal and democratic blogs barely limp along on amazingly little money is that their true talents, functions and values are vastly undervalued by the Democratic Party, and their effect on the political dynamic is so new what they contribute is not nearly appreciated enough. I’m quite sure, Dr. Dean, you have an immediate sense of who bloggers are and what they do, and I’m also quite sure it’s very insufficient, no disrespect an’ all.


What’s ethically wrong with the Democratic Party paying liberal bloggers a stipend every month as long as they continue to blog? Nothing, not that I can see. 100 bloggers paid $3,000 a month is $3,600,000 a year, total chump change.


Dear Dr. Dean,

Keep your fucking money. I don't want money from any political party. I don't sell ad space. I don't ask for donations.

Know why?

So no one can question my credibility or ethics. The day I take money from anyone for doing this is the day people can say, "I wonder who Fixer is shilling for?" My integrity has never been, nor will ever be, for sale.

I don't want your money. I want your party to do the job I and a bunch of other people sent you there to do. End this war, get rid of the Chimp and Cheney, and then you'll get money from me, lots of it, get it? Keep fucking around like you've been doing for the last 6 months and you won't get shit. Keep fucking around and you're gonna have me breaking your balls here until you get on the stick.

Here's the ball, Dr. Dean. Time for you and the party you chair to run with it.



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