Monday, August 6, 2007

Family shit ...

Mrs. F's mom has taken a turn for the worse, healthwise, after battling cancer (of various forms) for 40 years. The docs at Sloan-Kettering aren't hopeful and we're setting up hospice care so we can get her home from the hospital.

Blogging on my part will be sporadic for the next couple weeks until we get everything squared away. I'd be appreciative if folks with the keys to this joint leave a post now and then. Listen to Gord and I'll be dropping in from time to time. Sorry this is so sudden but we're it up to me, I'd arrange a different outcome. If I had that kind of power, the Chimp would have been hit with a lightning bolt long ago.

And just this. I can't say enough about the staff at Sloan, after seeing what they've done for both my mother-in-law over the years, and Mrs. F last year. They are truly the best. As close to miracle workers as there can be.

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