Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Question About Vietnam

There's a story about Vietnam that I wonder about. I figure Vietnam War Vets would be the people to ask,seeing as how they were there and stuff.

The story goes that anti war protests in America are what actually ended the war.

I'm not sure I totally buy that. Let me explain.

In April of 1975,I was about to turn 15,so I was not old enough to really know much more than I saw on the news about the War itself. I had cousins who served and later knew a guy who did two tours there. ALL of them came home FUBAR. Heroin and meth addicted,Agent Oranged,PTSD,you name a mess,these guys had it.

One of my cousins told me once that he thought it was kind of arrogant that war protestors thought the powers that be actually gave a fuck about their protesting. The PTB had shown they were perfectly willing to use guns at Kent State and tanks rolled through Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1973(against poor indians with limited fire power). If the protestors had really been that powerful ,my cousin argued,the government would have brought that shit to a halt ASAP. (Instead the feds sowed paranoia and distrust within the anti war movement-as well as within the American Indian Movement,civil rights groups,etc-via COINTELPRO. These actions caused the implosion of many groups,but that's a whole other topic).

So,I throw this one out to vets for discussion. Protesting ended the War In Vietnam,true or false?

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