Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perseid Meteor Showers

Last night I was walkin' my pup about 11:30. I do this every night, but last night I got a great reminder of what time of year it is. I was walking past my neighbor's house when the sky lit up. I thought his motion sensor light had come on. I looked up and there was a good size fireball to the south, headin' eastbound and down. Blue center, orange on the edge, trailin' flame. It was over in half a second, but damn, it was bitchin'!

The meteors won't all be that exciting of course, but tonight and tomorrow night are going to be the best nights for viewing the annual Perseid meteor shower, and it will be especially prime this year as it's the dark of the moon. It should be especially good if you live in area without much light pollution.

So get a comfy seat you can lean back in and go outside tonight and look up.

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