Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"...harrumphing in his armchair..."

Eugene Robinson asks the burning (the stoopid - it burns) question:

Is Newt Gingrich just pretending to have lost his mind, or has he actually gone around the bend?

What in the world is "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior" supposed to mean? That Obama is waging a secret campaign to free us from the yoke of British oppression?

I always thought anti-colonialism was what got the United States started way back when, but Neut makes it sound like a bad thing. Oh wait - white colonists throwing off white oppressors is one thing, blacks doing that is uppity because white men know what's best for them and they should bow their woolly little heads at all the help they've received from superior human beings, like oppression, slavery, and poverty, not to mention christianity ("pie in the sky bye and bye when you die! On your knees and shut the fuck up!"), in the service of profit to said whites, the damn ingrates. I get it.

Mostly he's trying to scare white people into voting against their best interests. Typical, and it's worked before, but way over the top this time.

Gingrich seems to believe that our culture and values are also threatened from within -- by black and brown people who demand that they, too, be given a voice in defining that culture and those values. He really needs to get out more. But, hey, it's a free country. If he wants, Gingrich can imagine himself a retired British colonel in 1963, harrumphing in his armchair about who lost Kenya. A diverse and multicultural America has long since moved on.

Most of it has moved on. The Dead End Quarter is running along in the exhaust fumes behind the bus, brain cells dropping like flies, trying to stop it and get it to back up.

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