Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turdblossom - the new Jane Hamsher?

I'll give ya a minute to wipe off your keyboard. Sorry 'bout that.


With the battle won by the ultra-right in Delaware, the national conservative pundits who backed Christine O'Donnell in last night's GOP Senate primary have turned on a man who is presumably one of their own: Karl "The Architect" Rove. After Rove bemoaned O'Donnell's nomination as the end of the GOP's chances to take back the Senate in a heated interview with Sean Hannity last night, pundits and tea partiers have slammed him as a traitor and even called for Fox News to suspend him as an on-air analyst.

In one five-minute interview, it seems, Rove went from keeper of the conservative cause to the next Jane Hamsher in the eyes of those who are ostensibly his allies. [...]

I hope Jane's laughin' her heinie off at that one!

"Bemoan" is a good word. Not only they be moanin', they be whinin'. One hopes they be losin' too.

And what does the Virgin Teabag say?

O’Donnell blasts GOP ‘cannibalism’: Everything Rove says is ‘unfactual’

We've known that for years. There may be the barest glimmer of a grasp of reality in her, if such can be inferred by her seeing the blatantly obvious.

As for Repug cannibalism? Ess, ess mein kindt!

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