Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Republicans Reap The Whirlwind

Hey, ya sow Big Windies, so shall ye reap.


The conservative movement* has spent the last 20 months sowing hysteria about President Obama's agenda. The most respectable Republicans call the president a socialist, a radical, a threat to freedom. The less respectable Republicans, many of them highly influential, call him an alien, a sympathizer of radical Islam, a conscious enemy of the United States who is trying to wreck the economy. Obama is a dangerous figure, he cannot be compromised with, and the fight against him is a twilight struggle to save the last vestiges of the Republic.

And so it has been amusing to watch Republicans as they desperately attempted to persuade Republican voters in Delaware to support moderate Mike Castle over Christine O'Donnell. The political logic is obvious: Castle would have been a near shoo-in to win, while O'Donnell is a near shoo-in to lose. [...]

*A very apt description of conservatives. I had a 'movement' this morning. It was anything but conservative...

But the Republican base has been taught not to think this way. This isn't just politics, remember? This is a twilight struggle for freedom. And Mike Castle didn't just cast a couple bad votes. He acquiesced in a sinister plan to undermine capitalism. How could they ever support a candidate like that?

Moreover, Republican voters have luxuriated in the belief that they represent the true majority of the American people. Obama may have won by fooling the voters, or possibly by stealing the election with Acorn, but the enduring majority of the public is staunchly conservative. Indeed, Republicans only lost because they strayed from the true faith.

But the conservative base is not in on the joke. And so Republican elites found themselves with just a few frantic days to undo the toxic and intoxicating effects of 20 months of relentless propaganda. Vote for the man who compromised with evil! The true conservative can't always win! They couldn't do it.

I won't say that the Republican base strategy has been a total failure. But it is nice to see it blow up in the face of the establishment from time to time.

The Repug establishment preached extremism and watched it catch on amongst their sheeple all too well and now they are surprised the base took over from them and the extremists won?

I'm enjoying the shit outta all this. I almost, not quite but almost. want the damn teabaggers to win all these seats. They'd fuck things up so bad that in 2, 4, 6 years there wouldn't be a Repug party. They're almost there now.

As a country, of course, we don't have the time for as colossal a step backwards as that, and I'm not getting any younger either, but in a way I'd like to see just how low a bottom the nation could hit, like an alcoholic before he admits to himself that his way isn't working and he needs help from adults.

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