Monday, February 28, 2011

Walker 86ed

WI Governor Scott Walker Shunned; Asked to Leave Restaurant

The other day, a blogger reports, Wisconsin fascist governor Scott Walker went to a restaurant and the people in the restaurant raised such a ruckus, yelling at him, that the restaurant's management asked him to leave.

I'da kicked his ass outta anywhere I worked without a ruckus. Beat feet, fool, I don't serve assholes.

The problem is, apparently, right wingers didn't like this action, so they threatened the restaurant.


This raises a wonderful point. Why should a restaurant owner be afraid to refuse service to any person? Would the same people have started calling that restaurant and making threats if the person they asked to leave was Black? Muslim? Democrat? No. No they would not.

No. No they would not. White corporate power flunkies are sacred to them, though.

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