Friday, March 4, 2011

Cajun Recruiter

I got this from my buddy Arnie. Some of the facts are wrong, it's a joke, but given the way the military is trying to cheat Vets outta their bennies the upshot is right on the money:

[Boudreaux, the smoothest-talking Cajun in the Louisiana National Guard, Got called up to active duty. Boudreaux's first assignment was to a military induction center, and because he was a good talker, was assigned the duty of advising new recruits about government benefits, especially the GI insurance to which they were entitled.

Before long, the Captain in charge of the induction center began noticing that Boudreaux was getting a 99% signup rate for the more expensive supplemental form of GI insurance. This was odd, because it would cost these low-income recruits $30 per month more for the higher coverage, compared to what the government was already providing at no charge.

The Captain decided that he would not ask Boudreaux directly about his selling techniques, but instead he would sit in the back of the room at the next briefing and observe Boudreaux's sales pitch.

Boudreaux stood up before the latest group of inductees and said, 'If you got da normal GI inshoranse an' you go to Iraq an' git yoself kilt, da governmen' gonna pay you beneficiary $20,000.

If you take out da supplemental inshoranse, which cost you only t'irty dollar a mont, den da governmen' gotta pay you beneficiary $200,000.'

'NOW,' Boudreaux concluded, 'which bunch you tink dey gonna send ta Iraq furst?']

Heh. Not far off the mark.

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