Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A question ...

For these crazy, Jesus freak, anti-choice assholes:

First, it was South Dakota. Then Nebraska and Iowa. The similarly worded bills, which have quietly cropped up recently in state legislatures, share a common purpose: To expand justifiable homicide statutes to cover killings committed in the defense of an unborn child. Critics of the bills, including law enforcement officials, warn that these measures could invite violence against abortion providers and possibly provide legal cover to the perpetrators of such crimes.


The newest incarnation of craziness.

My question is this: How come, if you people care so much about the unborn, so much about protecting every fetus and allowing them to come to term, you don't have some kind of support and adoption network for the unwanted children?

I mean seriously; these people want to force women to have children, regardless of their financial situation or any other factor women consider (I'm not a woman so I certainly don't feel qualified to speak about what they go through when having to make this difficult decision) when deciding to have an abortion. Fine. You wanna do that, make sure the children are taken care of after they're born. If you force a woman to bear a child against her wishes, you'd better be there to pay the bills and raise the kid after they're born.

It's about time somebody stood up and framed it like that. These people are always going on about "personal responsibility"; let them take responsibility for their actions because Jesus sure as hell ain't gonna do it.

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