Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hucka Sucka Mothaf**ka

Media Matters

Speaking on WOR's The Steve Malzberg Show, Huckabee -- a Fox News host and potential presidential candidate -- said that "one thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American ... his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British are a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather."

Well, the Brits were a bunch of imperialists, and they did arrest his grandfather.


The executive director of Huckabee's political action committee said the former governor misspoke.

"When the governor mentioned he wanted to know more about the president, he wasn't talking about the president's place of birth — the governor believes the president was born in Hawaii," Hogan Gidley said. "The governor would, however, like to know more about where President Obama's liberal policies come from and what else the president plans to do to this country — as do most Americans."

Gidley said Huckabee meant to reference Obama's childhood in Indonesia, where he lived from the ages of 5 to 10. Gidley didn't explain the connection to the Mau Mau uprising.

I wonder why? Heh.

I guess "misspoke" is the Repug word for "lied his ass off to pander to fools" when they get caught at it which is every time.

Keep it up, Huck-Man. Let's see if you can be elected President with 20% of the vote. With all the other wingnutjobs running, I bet you're not even right-wing-whacko enough to win the primary.

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