Saturday, March 5, 2011

So would I ...

Jill says what I have for a long time:


What I've told these people is that if I had to pay, for example, $2000 more a year in federal taxes at my income level, but within five years our nation's economy would be on a sound footing, I'd do that in a heartbeat. And I don't even have children who are going to need a nation that doesn't look like a Mad Max movie. If I had to pay more in state taxes to get my state back on even keel within five years, I'd do it. And those numbers really WOULD make a difference to what I take home. So why is it such anathema to ask the wealthiest Americans to pay a few thousand more a year?

I'd be more than willing to pay a couple percent more in federal taxes if we had good roads and infrastructure, good education for all our kids, and single-payer or affordable health care for everyone. But, by golly, the rich folks better kick in their share too.

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