Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lies Are Heating Up


Rush Limbaugh claims there is no heat wave, just a government conspiracy to make us think that it is hot.

According to Limbaugh, the heat wave is all part of giant government conspiracy to make people think that it is hotter than what it is in order to get them to believe that climate change is real. Limbaugh thinks this kind of heat wave happens every year, but it doesn’t. According to the National Weather Service 1,000 heat records have been broken across the United States in the past month.

There is no vast government conspiracy to make the heat wave seem hotter. This is a real and unprecedented weather event. Since Rush Limbaugh’s political ideology will not allow him to acknowledge that there might be something to this whole climate change thing, he has to explain it away with a silly conspiracy theory.

By the end of the week Rush Limbaugh will be blaming Obama and his top secret weather machine for the heat, because there is no home for reality in the right wing mind.

That fat fuck is getting desperate to find things to blame "the government", meaning the black man in the White House, for. He probably would be more correct, though still lying (that's what he does, that's who he is), to blame God for scorchin' 'em out as payback for right-wing sins.


Fixer said...

Hey, did you know Al Gore is fat?

Gordon said...

Never thought about it much.