Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dead from it

I'm not doing anything important like Fixer finishing up his latest book and it turns out to be a truism that "an idle mind is the devil's playground". Musta been thinking of that with all the renewed interest in the more retarded circles about "...or could it be Satan?". Goddam Frothy Mixture is channelling The Church Lady fer chrissakes. Without making as much sense. Yeesh.

All the Old White Men's nonsense about women's health issues leads me to believe the right will take on woman suffrage next. They obviously think women shouldn't have the vote since they've just alienated more than half the voters in the land. They must think votes from those vessels of unholiness don't count. They'll find out.

The Repug primary race has sunk lower than whale shit, the Repug state governments are doing their best to take their states back to when I was five years old, the constant Repug assault on truth, justice, and the American way continues apace and, maybe and hopefully just for today, I couldn't care less. Maybe my outrage tank needs repressurized or something. I'm sure it will be.

It's all Ann Coulter's fault that I've lost interest. Credit where credit's due, the skank got a half a sentence right in her whole miserable life: "...we get Romney and then we lose".

She summed up from now 'til November perfectly in seven words. A moment of unwitting light in a life of utter darkness, like a pinhole in the mercy bag over her head.

I'm sure something outrageous from the right wing will come along to snap my ennui-laden ass out of it, perhaps one of the Koch brothers getting caught letting slip that the rise in gas prices is his effort to make Obama look bad. That'd be fun.

But for now, and to show you how far afield I'm going looking for shit, this is the most earth-shattering thing I've found today:

Jamie Lee Curtis will be back for more next week on "NCIS." Tune in to see if Gibbs and Ryan get it on

Oh, the visual...

C'mon Gunny! You can do it! That'll keep me going at least 'til next Tuesday!


Fixer said...

Jamie Lee is n NCIS? Gotta start watching again ...

Gordon said...

She looks great too! She's gained a little weight but it's in all the right places!

Bustednuckles said...

Damn you Gord.
Send me down the rabbit hole of Jamie Lee pictures at Google.
Shit, what day is it?