Friday, February 24, 2012

You can get away with a lot ...

If it's done in god's name:

Probably the most convenient thing about turning one’s political party into a something closer to a religion, as the Republicans have increasingly done, is that your adherents can be relied upon to believe anything you say, no matter how implausible, provably false, or downright cuckoo it happens to be. When you’re talking about a religion, after all, the more improbable the belief is, the more fervently it is held, and for Republicans this tendency is always a bonus, for good reason. If you intend to mobilize people to accept that God wants us to, say, let old people eat cat food, flatten mountains for their coal, or inject poisons into the earth to extract polluting fuels, picking the ones who already believe in the virgin birth seems a good place to start.


And you wonder why the GOP is still a viable political party? If you're gullible enough to believe a fairy tale written a couple thousand years ago, and take it literally, you don't have to make much of a reach to swallow the GOP line. The fact that the GOP is turning into a religion should scare thinking people everywhere.


Gordon said...

They're desperate and have gone completely fucking crazy. They didn't have all that far to go. Somebody should esplain to them that they're doing so poorly in politics because God hates them for the things they've done in His name. That oughta explode a few heads. :-)

David Aquarius said...

As most of us here on the left edge of the Abyss have mentioned, the parallels between the Taliban and our brand of nutballs are starkly obvious.

We see an oppressive radically fundamental religion that silences opposition, subjugates women, requires that all education, commerce, legal and social services be held accountable to their narrow dogma and then there's the Taliban.

Where as the ignorant, inbred rabble that supports this bullshit may not realize the similarities, you gotta know that the leaders of our 'Taliban' see them. In fact, I submit they know them very well. They see the kind of control the Taliban has over its people and they salivate. The Islamic part pisses them off because that kind of power can only be held by 'Christians'. They'll use the Bible as narrow and warped as the Taliban uses the Qur'an.

Ignorance and fear are their bread and butter. Everything out of their mouths is just another impending dire consequence of electing a black man President of the United States.

My worry isn't who gets the nod from the GOP, its what happens when these goons start to realize they're not going to make it. A month before the election, it's going to be a bloodbath but reality will sink in by that time that Romney/Santorum won't be elected.

I wonder what these motherfuckers are going to do when that 'come to Jesus' moment occurs?