Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Virginia Ultrasound Bill Loses GOP Governor's Support


"A lot of rumors are floating around this building that the Republicans are trying desperately to find some way out of this Pandora's box," (Great choice of words! Heh. - G) said a top legislative staffer who works with Virginia's Democrats. "I think the sponsors didn't realize when this law passed in North Dakota that this was an intrusive ultrasound. But it would look terrible with their base if they backed down now and didn't pass it."

So now it's just a matter of saving face.

This is what happens when legislators make good-sounding panders to fundie morons without knowing what they're talking about. They musta thought it would be like the TSA guy waving a metal-detector wand over them. Maybe they'da got the message if they got it jammed up their ass as the prerequisite to boarding a flight.

Or maybe they knew exactly how invasive this procedure is and they're simply trying to punish and humiliate women for not believing the way these throwbacks want them to.

Da wimmens, and real men, have come out solidly against this bullshit. Whaddya wanta bet the Guv got the message when he couldn't even buy any nookie on his way home last night? From a male prostitute. Heh.


Theo said...

On MSNBC last night, 2 house delegates from Virginia were interviewed. From them and the hosts, I understood that the Republicans were digging in their heels: killing Gov. McDonnell's amendment and going for the original bill or bust. McDonnell may be trying to save face, but I think this is far from settled.

Fixer said...

It won't be settled until the GOP is history.