Friday, February 24, 2012

Off The Rails On The Republican Crazy Train

Addicting Info

Somewhere out there you just know Ozzy Osbourne is laughing his ass off. The king of crazy, who once bit the heads off of 2 doves to get attention from a record label, has had to play second fiddle to the GOP these days. In what has to be considered the death wish scenario of a lifetime, Republicans are literally lining up to choose a candidate who has about as much chance of winning a general election as I do winning a Nobel prize.

And that prospect has establishment Republicans practically shaking in their boots, not to mention feeling nauseous. The two things they were hoping to avoid – a long, contested, drawn out primary and the emergence of a fringe candidate who doesn’t poll well among moderates and independents – are now staring them right in the face. They’ll never admit it publicly, but privately the RNC is crapping its pants over the ramifications. No matter how many times they parade their candidate down the runway, the faithful have refused to embrace him. And now, after trying on every hat in the store, they’ve finally found one that fits perfectly. Santorum doesn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, he bathes in it. He’s loved by both social and fiscal conservatives alike. And unlike Newt Gingrich, he hasn’t blown up virtually every bridge among his peers.

Life is good...

It's still gonna be Willard no matter what happens in the primaries. Doesn't matter. Losers lose.

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