Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rising Star

The Tuttles (Facebook) are a family band out of the Bay Area. I'm kinda taken with AJ Lee (no, not the wrestler!). For a young girl she's got a set o' pipes! How young? Listen to the intro. Heh. I think if she keeps at it she'll be a star. She's well on her way.

The bass player is the most important member of this group. He's the one with the driver's license...:-)

The Tuttles with AJ Lee* at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival on Saturday, May 19, 2012 held in Granite Hill Camping Resort near Gettysburg, PA.

Molly Tuttle - Vocal, Banjo, Guitar
AJ Lee - Lead Vocal, Mandolin
Michael Tuttle - Mandolin
Sullivan Tuttle - Guitar
Jack Tuttle - Vocal, Upright Bass, Fiddle

*Be sure to click on the "The Tuttles with AJ Lee -- Rising Stars" link.

Thanks to randomfarm (AJ Lee's channel, more good stuff).


Oldfool said...

Thanks. I haven't been so struck by someone since Allison Krause was coming out of the woods in the mid eighties. Now Allison is a sophisticated lady in the big time and I've found someone else to be silly about.
Thanks again for re-fueling the oldfool.

Oldfool said...

I forgot to mention that being introduced to A J Lee and Mollie Tuttle at the same time is almost more than this old man can bear.
Almost makes me want to be young again.

Gordon said...

Thank you, Oldfool. That kinda comment makes it all worth it.

I, too, remember Alison Krauss when she was a fresh-faced young fiddle champ. :-)