Saturday, August 25, 2012

Headline of the Day

Limbaugh: Obama Is "Hopeful" Hurricane Will Hit Tampa During GOP Convention

So am I. They're ignoring The Old Gunny's advice: "Don't bunch up. One round will get you all." Isaac could revamp politics and clean up the gene pool with one round. :-)

Hey, a fellow can dream, can't he?

Video of that fat doper gasbag asshole if you can stand it.


merlallen said...

I hope they all get in a fucking shootout.

Gordon said...

Let's hope they're better shots than NYPD.

CAFKIA said...

If prayer was gonna have any effect, my prayer that the hurricane feint and lull them into a sense of security before roaring back and demolishing the core of the moron party, would be a good place to start.

Gordon said...

I hope they get picked up outta the Hall and follow the roof to Oz like Dorothy. Must-see TV!

David Aquarius said... boss says that to us at work. " Whadda ya'll standin' around for? One grenade will getcha all!"

Some days I wish for a hand grenade.

Momma Nature's just letting these worms, fleas, and ticks know just who's in charge.

Spend your millions of dollars on state of the art electronics, 8 gazillion balloons, and haute cuisine from all over the world and She'll just turn it all into landfill in an hour.

Don't believe in climate change? How 'bout a climate Fuck You!

Gordon said...

Acknowledging climate change is not in the best interests of the moneyed class and thus is simply not on for the peasants to say so. The worms, fleas, and ticks will suffer for lack of hosts when we're gone as well. :-)