Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Get serious

If Bush were serious about compromise on SSI, he'd consider doing away with some of the tax cuts, especially the ones who benefit the least amount of people. From the most lovable rod . . . er, marsupial in Blogtopia (y!sctp!)*:

mainly, if awol is so concerned about social security shortfalls, he should repeal the tax cuts on the upper 1% of the wealthy in this country, and reinstate the entitlement tax.

(the tax formerly known as the "death tax," aka the inheritance tax. it's not a tax on the person who died. it's a tax on the greedy little heirs who think they are entitled to that estate without working for it. an entitlement tax.)

[. . .]

Update: 16:30:

Congrats to Skippy for being quoted on CNN's Inside the Blogs

*yes! skippy coined that phrase!

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