Friday, May 6, 2005

Intelligent [cough] Design

From the Lady of the Lake:

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The need of fundamentalists and others to have the details of the Bible accepted as empirical fact has always puzzled me. My minister Dad always used to say that if you can prove it, then it's no longer faith. Buddhists, for example, subject their faith to no such demands -- Buddhist teachers throughout the millennia have made up stories about the life of the Buddha to demonstrate their teachings. But Buddhists have a much more fluid notion of "reality" than the fundies, and nobody is going to take to the streets protesting the veracity of these stories, or lack thereof.

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I give damn what people believe. If ya want to believe the Earth is flat and 6000 years old, have a nut. But don't force the state to teach my kid your bullshit. If you want your kid to learn this silliness, send him to a Christian school.

Update: 14:25:

Incertus has something related:

I swear to god, the next time someone tries to pull that "christianity is under attack in America" bullshit again, I'm gonna pop 'em right in the fucking mouth. You want to know just how much of a vise grip christianity has on the nuts of this nation? Check this story out.

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