Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Move over, yuppie

See what happens when you lower the bar. It starts at the top. Missouri Mule:

I'm not sure when it happened but white trash is in. I just read it in a national magazine and all I could say was, "Well shit fire and save the matches."

You don't have to be Southern to be white trash, but it helps, mostly because Southerners know the beauty of potted meat and mayonnaise sandwich better than most. As a sort of on-the-bubble white trash girl myself (I've never, technically, had what car dealers describe as "bruised credit"). I'm feeling downright giddy. Why is white trash chic now? Maybe it's just natural backlash to decades of greed and consumption. Whatever the reason, there's much to learn and I can coach even the snobbiest of y'all on how to be WT.

[. . .]

I was giggling my ass off.

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