Sunday, July 29, 2007

Battle of the Big Box Hardware Stores

Home Depot wants us to STFU.

Lowe's gets it.

I spent forty bucks at Lowe's yesterday. Home Depot can go piss up a rope.

The Allstate 400 is on as we speak. I hope Jimmie Johnson blows Smoke's doors off too.


To be fair to Smoke, he does some really good stuff. He owns Eldora Speedway, and had Cup drivers race dirt late models for the benefit of The Victory Junction Gang Camp, which is a worthwhile project for sick kids by the Petty family. It not only raised money for the camp, it was maybe the best race to watch this year.

Kyle Petty does other stuff for the camp as well.

Home Depot can still dual-suck me'n Fixer's asses.

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