Friday, August 3, 2007

Federal Agents Searching People at Indianapolis Bus Stops


Welcome to another creeping slide towards the big brother state. On August 2, 2007 over two dozen agents of the TSA setup two checkpoints at bus stops in Indianapolis Indiana and searched passengers who wanted to ride on city buses. Federal agents, including Air Marshals were present and patted people down, looked in bags, and performed "behavior" tests for the stated purpose of finding weapons and people who were a threat to public safety.

Think about that for a minute. TSA agents and Air Marshals - Air Marshals - searching people who wanted to ride a city bus! Yeesh.

Before you think I am joking, let me refer to both the Indianapolis Star report TSA checks IndyGo bus passengers as well as posted first person reports of what happened yesterday and why it effects us all.

UPDATE: Thanks to DailyKos readers, this has been found to be a part of an 18 month old Federal Operation, read more below!

By all means go read. The prospective passengers could decline the search if they knew they could and the brownshirts found a handgun, the description of which is hilarious and also shows up what unprepared, incompetent clowns these agents are.

This isn't funny, however. Our tax dollars are funding illegal searches with no probable cause of average citizens by incompetents with guns and Federal power.

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