Friday, August 3, 2007

People over Party

The rest of the Rethugs should take a lesson from Gov. Tim Pawlenty of MN. He's just flushed any chance of being a Rethug VP candidate (something he was positioning himself for until yesterday).

ST. PAUL -- Gov. Tim Pawlenty is willing to reverse his longstanding opposition to a state gas tax increase in the wake of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, a spokesman said Friday.


The gas-tax shift is a huge political concession for Pawlenty, who has stood firmly against any state tax increases during his 4 1/4 years in office.


I don't think he's turned into a 'white knight' overnight, but you have to hand it to him for putting the welfare of Minnesotans over party loyalty (and his career) in this instance.

Update (Saturday morning):

From D. R. Scott in comments:


I'm sorry, but I don't want to give him shit. Fuck him. All he's trying to do his save his ass, because he knows damned well the Democrats are gonna nail him hard for killing the gas tax proposal twice since he's been in office.

I'd be a lot more impressed if people didn't have to die before his miraculous epiphany, y'know?

Quite true.

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